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ResMed S9 Elite™ CPAP Machine with H5i™ Heated Humidifier & ClimateLine™ Tubing
Model: 36023

ResMed S9 Elite™ CPAP Machine with H5i™ Heated Humidifier & ClimateLine™ Tubing
ResMed S9 Elite™ CPAP Machine with H5i™ Heated Humidifier & ClimateLine™ Tubing
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ResMed S9 Elite with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Review

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Key Features & Reviewers Tip
How to? Connecting & Setup
FAQ – Comparison, Troubleshooting & Compatibility
Available Accessories

ResMed S9 Elite is Best for Fixed Pressure CPAP Users

ResMed has long been know for their superior CPAP machines and sleep apnea therapy devices. The ResMed S9 Elite continues to provide fixed pressure users with the most options and features available in CPAP devices. Being prescribed a single therapy pressure between the range of 4 and 20 cm H2O would make this machine an excellent choice and also provides additional advanced features. This specific model 36023, comes packaged with the climate controlled H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Tubing.

Compact Design and Easy Operation

Keeping everything simple and straight forward is important to CPAP users as keeping compliance becomes difficult to adhere to. In order to keep the patient adhering to these strict regulations ResMed has developed the S9 Elite to be user friendly with its full color LCD display and on the fly dial adjustments. These ease of use controls only add to the already intuitive user experience.

Breathing Comfort without Noisy Interruptions

Committing to CPAP therapy can be difficult at first and any annoyances can really be a put off from getting the proper therapy. ResMed innovation delivers EPR technology which provides the user relief by reducing the pressure provided when the user breathes out. Furthering therapy comfort and taking even the bed partner into consideration, the S9 Elite uses the proprietary Easy-Breathe system for a quite natural experience during use.

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Key Features

User Friendly Design makes for Easy Operation
Easy-Breathe System is Quiet
Climate Controlled Humidifier and ClimateLine Tubing Included
EPR – Breathing Comfort using Exhale Pressure Relief

Reviewers Tip:

Checking and replacing the ResMed S9 Disposable HypoAllergenic Filters often will help keep bacteria out of CPAP therapy.

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How to Connect the ClimateLine Tubing.

Connecting the ClimateLine Tubing can be difficult without knowing how it fits to the machine first.

See our how to video:

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I use a pressure of 6 cm H2O and a nasal pillow mask. Why doesn’t the machine turn off when I take off the mask?

The S9 Elite cannot detect the mask is removed when using a pressure lower than 7 cm H2O in combination with a Nasal Pillow Mask. Please disable the SmartStart/SmartStop Function.

I am experiencing leaking or the S9 Elite displays an error “High leak, please check system setup and all connections”.

Be sure to check all mask fittings for proper installation. Readjust all headgear straps and cushion to fit and secure into place. If leaking continues replacement of parts may be necessary.

I am getting water into the tubing and/or mask.

The H5i humidity level down through the user control panel.


The ResMed S9 Elite has universal size tubing, allowing the use of any type of mask sold at RespShoppe. Check out our CPAP mask selection:


Moving forward from the ResMed S8 Elite II, the ResMed S9 Elite has added these additional features.

  • Sleep quality indicator gives the user a quick viewable summary of therapy
  • Climate Control and ClimateLine tubing
  • Efficacy data duration: Now 30 Days (3-4 Days on S8)
  • Improved Algorithm detects CSA
  • Standard, SlimLine and ClimateLine Tubing are all compatible with S9 Elite. S8 allowed for only standard tubing.
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ResMed S9 Elite Available Accessories

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No Refunds, Returns or Exchanges on Open Products Except for Warranty/RMA process or Mask Assurance.

HCPCS CPAP Code(s): E0601 (APAP), E0562 (Humidifier), A4604 (Heated Tubing)

Operational Mode: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Range of Pressure: Four (4) to Twenty (20) H2O
Time of Ramp to Pressure: Zero (0) to Twenty (20) Minutes - Adjustable by Five (5) Minute Timings 0, 5, 10, 15 & 20
Ramp Beginning Pressure: Four (4) to programmed pressure
CPAP Measurment: 5 1/2" Long, 5 1/2" wide, 3 4/10" High
CPAP Total Weight: One (1) Pound & Thirteen (13) Ounces
CPAP w/ H5i Measurement: 11" Long, 5 1/2" Wide, 3 4/10" High
CPAP w/ H5i Total Weight: Three (3) Pounds & Five (5) Ounces
Filter Type: Disposable Fiber - ResMed S9™ Disposable Standard Filters - 2/12/50 per pack or ResMed S9™ Disposable HypoAllergenic Filters - 2/12/50 per pack
Screen Type: Full Color LCD
Provided Data Card: Yes, SD Card holds 1 year/365 days of summary, 30 detailed days and 7 days of indepth flow data
Data Access: User access through Sleep Quality Indicator, Clinical Access using ResScan Software.
Exhale Pressure Relief: EPR included
Automatic Adjustment: Altitude Yes
Power Auto Adjusting Voltage from 100-240V between 50-60Hz
Rechargable Battery Options: Yes, ResMed Power Station
Heated Humidification System: H5i Humidification System
Warranty Period: Two (2) Years from Date of Purchase
DC Adapter: ResMed DC/DC Converter for S9™ Series Machines

Box Opening & Contents

Hi, I’m Bronson and I’m with the shipping department at I’m going to guide you through the box opening process during your CPAP purchase so you know exactly what to expect upon arrival. If you have any questions please contact our customer service department by phone @ 1-866-936-3754 or chat from 8am – 7pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Upon opening the box of the S9 Elite™ you will see...

  • A Brand New S9 Elite™ with EPR™
  • The Detachable H5i™ Humidifer (the water basin is removable and cleanable)
  • Heated ClimateLine™ Tubing for use with Climate Control Humidification System
  • A 2GB SD Card for Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Shoulder Slung Storage and Travel Bag
  • Ready for Travel 120-240v AC Power Supply
  • One Replacement Filter
  • User Manuals

    by Robert Date Added: Thursday 14 June, 2012
    Got it since early 2011 and still works fine, easy to use but from now a days they do have the S9 Autoset and looking forward to this machine, "GO RESMED".

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